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DuPage County provides shelter for the homeless and Roselle UMC PDAS teams service meals once a month at Red Roof Inn.
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Roselle UMC P.A.D.S. Ministry Team

DuPage P.A.D.S. Interim (Overnight) Housing Program


DuPage P.A.D.S. provides emergency shelter through our Interim Housing program for those facing homelessness.  The program has remained open throughout the COVID-19 pandemic by changing the steps to access shelter, using new types and locations of shelter, and developing COVID-19 safety practices.   

If you are experiencing a housing crisis resulting in homelessness and a need for shelter, please contact our Intake department to assess your needs.   

  • Intake hours are Monday – Friday from 8am-8pm, Saturday (and holidays) from 8am – 4pm 
  • Walk-ups are seen at our offices at 703 W. Liberty Dr., Wheaton, IL. 
  • If you cannot make it to our location, please call 630-682-3846, option 1.  

Clients receiving emergency shelter are connected to a case manager from our Client Service Center.  The case manager assists with developing a rehousing plan to help clients leave the emergency shelter to permanent housing; they also provide additional supports to help clients access employment, financial resources, healthcare, and more.  While utilizing shelter, clients also have access to meals and other basic necessities including showers, toiletries, mail service, and more.  

Shelter locations are no longer posted on the website. If you are seeking shelter, please contact our Intake department.   

If you are a community member that has observed someone who you are concerned is unsheltered, please notify our Street Outreach team at 630-682-3846, option 2, or email to streetoutreach@dupagepads.org.  At a minimum, please leave the following information: 

  • Your name and contact information (for possible follow-up) 
  • Individual’s/Family’s Name (if known) 
  • Location (last seen) 
  • General description  

The solution to end homelessness is more complex than providing individuals with food and shelter. Founded in 1985, DuPagePads is the largest provider of interim and permanent housing, coupled with support services in order to help individuals work toward a place to call home – DuPage Pads vital support services enable the individuals we help to receive case management and life coaching, employment support such as GED courses and job coaching, as well as engagement with employers—effectively stopping the cycle of homelessness.

DuPagePads IS the solution to end homelessness — because when someone believes in you, everything can change.


Roselle United Methodist Church Involvement with P.A.D.S.

Roselle UMC is committed to this ministry and volunteers time on a monthly basis. We will be serving on the 4th Monday evening and the following Tuesday morning of every month.

“It’s about the journey from dependency to self-sufficiency. Not the shelter. Not the nights spent in a car, in a motel room or on the street. DuPagePads is a journey that begins with an extended hand, an affirming voice, and a trusting soul that will advocate undividedly for each individual.

DuPagePads IS the solution to end homelessness—because when someone believes in you, everything can change.”

Please continue to remember the homeless and poor in your prayers and with our gifts. We need as many volunteers and cooks as possible to feed and sleep nearly 100 people. Please consider helping or donating food.

*Share your time
*Serve those who are experiencing the crisis of being homeless in our county
*Make a Difference!

Contact: Cindy Sheely 847-352-8734
On-site PADS Volunteers: Required registration at DuPage PADS