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We are privileged to serve you before, during, and after the loss of a loved one.
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Life’s Final Moments


When a death is imminent, our pastor is honored to come and pray with you. If there is such a time, please call the church at 630-529-1309. We will make every effort to have our Pastor or someone come to you.  If this is after office hours, please call Pastor Oh at 847-769-1125. 


Grieving and Remembering


When the death has occurred, our pastor would also be honored to provide the service for your loved one here at Roselle United Methodist Church or at the funeral home or graveside depending on the family’s decision.  Christ is our hope for eternal life and we offer this hope to the surviving family and friends that their beloved is now in God’s eternal charge.


Frequently Asked Questions



1. A traditional funeral (where the casket is present), graveside to follow

2. A memorial service (where there is no casket)

3. A graveside service only

4. A graveside service prior to the memorial service

Additionally, a visitation can be scheduled before the service on the service day or the evening before. Often, the family provides a video tribute. The video must be in DVD format, ready to play.


Following the selection of the date, time, place and type of service the minister will arrange to gather the family and learn the stories. This meeting can either be at the family home or at the church. This will be a time to select favorite scripture and discuss musical choices as well.

The Funeral Program Director works behind the scenes to handle all logistics. They visit with the family and often the funeral home to make sure all details are covered. They contact the musicians and soloists, as well as the custodial services and sound technician necessary to present a proper and fitting tribute. They will ask about the number of guests you might expect and discuss processional procedure and seating of the family and honored guests.


There are fees for funerals or memorials held at the church.  The pastor or the church office will provide the information.


Floral offerings are a wonderful way to pay tribute to a loved one. The beautiful plants and blooms honor God’s creation of life. Removal of the arrangements is the responsibility of the family or the funeral home.

Music is an integral part of any worship service here at Roselle UMC. So often music can speak volumes when we are unable to speak ourselves. There is great and wonderful church music available in the traditional or contemporary styles. We have musicians and vocalists able to provide either. The pastor will help you choose appropriate music for the service. Secular music is not encouraged for a service but can be used during the visitation.


Prelude: The organist/pianist will play for 20 minutes prior to the service. This will include requested hymns or aselection of the musician’s choice.

Processional: The family will walk into the Sanctuary with the pastor and be seated.

Solos and congregational hymns: These complement the service and will be interspersed at the discretion of the pastor.

Recessional: The casket (if applicable), pastor and family exit the chapel to this music usually played in an uplifting tempo.

Postlude: the organist/pianist will play until the guests have left the sanctuary


This is a guide for a typical service at Roselle United Methodist Church.  

* Prelude
* Family entrance
* Greeting
* Word of Grace
* Congregational Hymn
* Prayer

* Scripture
* Special Music
* Homily, offered by the officiating pastor

* Sharing Stories

* Special Music
* Prayer of Commendation and Thanksgiving

* The Lord’s Prayer in unison

* Congregational Hymn

* Dismissal and Blessing n Family Recessional



Frequently, family members set up a memory table in the Parlor with photos, albums, awards or certificates of achievement, hobby examples or other personal items relating to their loved one. We provide the table(s) and easels for these displays.  UMW will provide coffee and lemonade for the visitation time.

If you would like to arrange for a more significant time to gather with loved ones, Langdon Hall is available for a funeral luncheon and fellowship time before or after the service. The family is responsible to provide food and the members of the church set up tables and serve. Our staff can work with you to arrange a catered meal or light finger foods.


These are a few of the things you should rely on the funeral home to provide or give guidance:

* Casket or urn

* Cemetery choice — plot or niche space n Flowers

*  Processional to cemetery

* Visitation, if held at the funeral home

* Obituary in the local newspaper

* Guest book


Memorial gifts provide a meaningful way for individuals, families and groups to witness their thanksgiving for the life of a loved one. To give a gift in another’s memory is a faithful expression of respect and love that goes beyond death. Your gift to the Roselle UMC Memorial Fund will enable our church to provide special items or ministries that benefit our church.

The Memorial Committee will maintain a list of needs in the church which are not funded in the church budget and which would be very suitable as a memorial gift. Items for memorial gifts would include — but not be limited to — items of a durable nature which:

* enhance the worship of God

* enhance the spiritual growth for all ages

* enhance the fellowship of the church

* provide facility needs for ministry of our church

* support church and denominational mission projects * promote the mandates of the great commission and our church vision (Matthew 28:19-20)

The Memorial Committee will provide memorials in consultation with members of the deceased’s family. On All Saint Day our congregation will receive a report on gifts received the previous year.

For more information on memorial gifts please contact the church office at 630-529-1309.

We will also assist with gifts offered to organizations such as the American Cancer Society, Charity Organization, Hospice House or others of your choice.


There are many excellent providers in our areas.  The church does not endorse specific providers. This is a very personal service and we suggest you interview and consult to make your decision.


Your church does not want you to feel you are alone following your loss. We send grief booklets through the first year which offer words of hope and encouragement. We also have grief support group.

There is also the intentional provision of remembrance through the presence of the candle carts on All Saints Sunday.

For information regarding current grief support groups, please contact the church office at 630-529-1309 or office@roselleumc.org.